I help small companies

get all they can from
websites and web applications.

This includes:
• The design and development of WordPress websites
• Helping choose web applications to meet specific needs
• Advising on search engine optimisation (SEO)
• Help with approaches to social media

Big or small?

Some small companies have big projects and some big companies have little ones. As long as I’m adding value, I’ll happily help either way.

Because I have owned, been part of, and consulted to a number of small businesses over the years, I have seen what a difference the internet can (and can’t) make to a company’s bottom line. I’ve also seen how it is becoming harder to strike the right balance between spending money online and getting a return on the money spent.

Using my experience in working with small and big companies, I try and help small businesses make the right choices and decisions about websites, choosing web applications and online marketing.

WordPress websites

WordPress is a website content management system that (apparently) powers a quarter of all websites today. It has become an invaluable tool for small companies to get a relatively functional website up and running for a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch.

However, because of its popularity, WordPress is forever growing and has tended to become more complicated over time.

I help small companies decide if they should use WordPress or not, and if so:

  • help them choose the best template and plugins for the task at hand, and possibly
  • help implement WordPress, the template and plugins.

I should say that I am not a WordPress developer per se but rather use WordPress as a tool to help grow small businesses.

Choosing web applications

Another recent trend has been the rise of web applications – think of web applications as software that runs in your web browser. These applications often have a laser focus and try and do one or two things well – like online accounting, invoicing or time management. Instead of having to buy big software suites, a small company can use a number of web applications to help run their business more efficiently.

I help small companies understand what business needs could be met by web applications, and advise on what solutions might make the most sense to use.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website and other online presences to ensure you perform well when people search for a service or product you provide. Although I don’t run campaigns for companies (there are a lot of specialist companies out there who do), I can advise on various approaches to SEO and help navigate the world of SEO agencies.

Approaches to social media

Like with Search Engine Optimisation, I don’t really run social media campaigns or profiles for clients, but I can help small businesses navigate what is becoming an increasingly tricky space.


DemaPlasTech supply machinery and services to the South African plastics manufacturing industry. I helped conceptualise how to communicate their offer online and implement it using WordPress.

Visit the website

Legal Aid South Africa

Legal-Aid South Africa are a Government entity that provides legal assistance to those that can’t afford it. I helped define a strategy for putting these people in touch with legal assistance and implement it using WordPress.

Karen Krakowitzer

At the other end of the scale, Karen Krakowitzer – a consultant in the non-profit sector – needed a simple web presence. We used WordPress to create her website and free up money to be used elsewhere in her business.

Visit her website


A local business man had an opportunity to import a range of funky cellphone accessories. I helped him conceptualise an offer, a brand and build an e-commerce site to sell to customers.

Sentry Plug

A small company won a government grant to develop a unique GPRS controlled plug. I helped with product feasibility studies, brand definition and conceptualising of a visual identity.

From the horse’s mouth …

“I wanted to thank you for your advice, insight and the value you have added to our business through your development and implementation of our website. Having used other developers in the past I can comfortably say that you are a cut above the rest. Very few have taken the time to fully understand my business, its market and its offerings and how best to leverage the web in order to benefit my business and thereby increasing our revenue stream. Looking forward to our continued partnership.”- Jacques Kleynhans - Director DemaPlasTech
“Customer experience and user interface design is both an art and a science. Garth is one of a handful of people in South Africa that truly understands the nuances and intricacies of this very specialized field. I would highly recommend that you consult with him to help put your next UI development project on the right track.”- Leopold Malan: Director Processing – BrightRock