I help The Herbal Horse and Pet

design, choose and implement business systems.

The Herbal Horse and Pet formulate and manufacture natural supplements for pets and horses. The company is owned and managed by my co-traveller in life, Beryl Shuttleworth.

I help with:

  • Designing systems to solve business problems
  • Choosing web applications to meet business needs
  • The design and development of the company’s websites
  • Identity and packaging design
  • Doing search engine optimisation (SEO) and running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

I help the Herbal Horse and Pet by:

Designing business systems

The Herbal Horse and Pet is a small company that proudly punches way above its weight in its marketplace. One of the ways we’ve got this right is through clever use of technology. Whenever we see an opportunity to be more efficient, we check if introducing a system would make sense.

  1. First we see if we can find a relevant web application to make things more efficient or, if we can’t find anything,
  2. we design a solution. These solutions can be anything from designing better internal processes, to paper workflows, to Excel models or even web applications.

I help The Herbal Horse and Pet identify and design these systems.

Examples of systems I have implemented:

  • An Excel-based stock control and ordering system
  • An Excel-based manufacturing system to manage recipes and raw materials
  • An Excel-based labelling and regulations system to help manage content as it moves from research to specifications and then marketing and production.

We are busy turning these systems into a web application that can become the heart of the business. Maybe in the future this could become a product too.


Choosing web applications

One of the easiest ways to make a business more efficient is to implement a fit-for-purpose web application. This can be a double-edged sword though, because sometimes choosing the wrong web application can make doing business harder and less efficient.

If you have understood the nature of your problem properly, and if you go through a thorough and careful evaluation process, you can often find helpful off-the-shelf web applications.

Areas where web applications have made a big impact on our business are:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online invoicing
  • Online accounting
  • Task and project management


Designing and developing websites

I help The Herbal Horse and Pet with anything to do with web and digital. This includes the design and development of four global websites, 2 of which are e-commerce enabled.


Designing the face of the business

I also help with the design of the corporate identity for the business and try and make sure that it is implemented consistently across channels. One of the differentiators of the business has been its packaging and both locally and globally, the direction we have taken has helped set the company apart in what is often a very competitive marketplace.


Managing Search Engine Optimisation and Pay-per-click advertising

I help with SEO research and decide on areas of content that we should develop online. This includes creating and managing our SEO and PPC campaigns.

Paper, Excel and code

Because no off-the-shelf web applications can help us manage stock, order raw materials and manage our product recipes, we have developed our own system using a series of Excel spreadsheets.

Doing business online

The business has 4 global websites, 2 of which are e-commerce enabled. I help manage SEO research and implementation across different channels too.

Presenting the right face

One of the differentiators of the business has been its product packaging both locally and globally. It has helped set the company apart in very competitive marketplaces.